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'Connection', Oil on Canvas, 150 x 130 cm

'Love Wendy Sutherland’s paintings. She manages to capture the powerful Celtic landscapes in her work. Such a gift...'
Edward O'Brien, EOB & Radiohead

'A powerful free abstract painter'
Duncan MacMillan, The Scotsman

'A sense of being hypnotically drawn in, a musical resonance that is no accident. Harvard philosopher George Santayana predicted that, "an art may be coming which should deal with colours as music does with sound".'
Francis Kyle, Mayfair Art Agent

'Vivid and lyrical landscapes' 
Lucy Sweet, Sunday Times

'Never fails to enthrall with her paintings. Breathtaking glimpses of a moment in time'
Victoria Reeves, World of Art

'Landscape is both an external reality and an internal presence' 
Giles Sutherland, Art Critic

'Sutherland creates the perfect mix of the life like and the abstract'
Regina Haggo, Art Historian
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